Windows 11 leaks reveal new Features on the Operating System

 Screenshot of Windows 11 revealed in recent leaks

We all know Microsoft has been working on the new Windows 11 operating system for some time now, and it is almost ready for release. Although the official release date is on the 24th of June 2021, recent leaks from various sources have revealed that the OS is going to have a new User Interface, Start menu and lots more. 

Screenshots of the new OS have been all over the internet since a Chinese site Baidu released some screenshots. From these screenshots, we notice that the new Windows 11 is now simplified, fluid and more user-friendly. To some extent, it also looks like the MacOS which runs on Apple devices.

here’s a first look at Windows 11. There’s a new Start menu, rounded corners, a new startup sound, and more

— Tom Warren (@tomwarren) June 15, 2021

One of the most obvious changes we notice is the centralized position of the items on the taskbar. The Start menu and other icons are now at the bottom centre of the screen, and no longer at the bottom left of the screen. According to reports, this feature can still be changed to the default left-alignment (if you like old-school)

The Startup menu also received some subtle changes. Icons and applications on the start menu have now been simplified to regular pinned tiles in contrast to the live tiles which is present on Windows 8 and 10. The Windows logo is now a bit different. It is now a square made up of four equal squares, in contrast to the older trapezoid-shaped windows logo.

In addition to all these changes, it is also noticeable that Microsoft is now using rounded corners throughout the OS, for menus, for applications and for the File Explorer. 

A new snapping feature is also present in the UI as shown in the short clip below. It appears that Microsoft is tweaking the UI to be more suitable to dual-screen devices.

Windows 11 snapping feature

Other changes in the new OS include a new windows startup sound, new 3D design for icons. Although none of this can be fully verified, these leaks are from reliable sources meaning that when the Operating system is officially released, it is not going to be any different from the reports. And if different, not far from what these reports say.

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