What is Xiaomi Mi Air Charge technology and how does it work?

What is Xiaomi Mi Air Charge technology and how does it work?

Just last week, I published an article explaining Xiaomi‘s plan to release a new air charging technology, the Mi Air charge. In the past, Xiaomi have stated their plan to make living rooms truly wireless, with speakers, lamps, and smart home devices all working by a single remote system, and this is a step in that direction. This technology is not like the wireless charging which is currently available in the market, it doesn’t need some kind of charging pad or charging station. This tech provides devices with 5W of remote power for a single device and is able to charge multiple devices at the same time. As long as your device is in the specified radius, this device is able to charge it even while you’re using your phone. But is this even possible? How does Xiaomi intend to achieve this?

Mi Air Charging

The Mi Air Charging works based on the principle of space positioning and energy transmission. Xiaomi says that their self-developed isolated charging pile contains a set of up to of 144 antennas that transmits millimetre-wide waves directly to the phone through beamforming. This also means that for this to work, the smartphone will need to have a miniaturized antenna array which will broadcast position information with low power consumption.

Xiaomi has suggested that the efficiency of the Mi Air charging is not affected by physical obstacles and that the tech will soon work with other smart devices such as smartwatches, wearables, smart speakers, and more smart home devices.

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