Xiaomi Unveils Plan for a new Air Charging Technology

Mi Air Charge Technology

Xiaomi has stated its plans to invent a new kind of wireless charging for smartphones. The Chinese smartphone makers said this in a blog post on the Xiaomi’s official website on 29th January 2021. It is called the Mi Air Charge Technology. It is a kind of wireless charging that does not require you to place your device on any kind of wireless charger, rather it works by shooting a narrow millimetre-wide wave that supplies power to your device as long as you are in the room where this special charger is. And this doesn’t just work for one device, it can charge multiple devices at once as long as they are in range (about a 5-metre radius).

In as much as this is ground-breaking and possibly one of the biggest advancements in smartphone technology, there have been other companies who have tried to bring this technology idea to reality but have failed. This is probably due to the challenges of air charging. Air changing is very wasteful with power and most times inefficient. Unlike when you are charging with a cable where power passes through a conductive metal, in air charging power has to pass through the air and then the sheet of plastic on your device. As a result, a huge chunk of the original power is lost in form of heat energy. This explains why the Mi Air charge Technology is at a 5-watt charging speed.

Despite the fact that other companies have announced this in the past, but never brought it to reality, Xiaomi might be the perfect company to do this. Being the third-largest smartphone brand in the world, it means thy have the scale and resources to invest in research and development, plus, unlike Apple and Samsung, Xioami, like other Chinese companies are willing to take risks and invest in innovation. However, Xiaomi did not give an actual release date for this device, so we’ll wait and see just how long it takes before this becomes a reality.

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