How To Grow your Business Using Digital Tools

Digital Marketing

The Digital world is a place of numerous opportunities. Every successful brand is very much present online. In the last couple of decades, activities on the internet have progressed from just sending emails to many more activities like texting, video calling, live streaming, and many more. With more than half of the world’s population are present online and increase in online activities, great opportunities are available in the digital space. 

Steps to Building your brand’s Online Presence. 

1. List Your Business on Local Directories

Established online businesses have websites, but for a small start-up, building a website for your business might not be the best place to start. The first step to building your online presence is listing your business on a local online directory like Google My Business. By doing this, people can find your business  when they search for similar businesses in your area. For example, searching for “Graphic Designers near me” on google brings up brands like Printhag and Styles Design studios Nigeria.

Screenshot from Google Maps showing Printhag and Styles Design Studios

This can be done without any paid promotion, but through the use of simple marketing tools even if you do not have a website.

2. Leverage on Social Media

Social media is a great tool. It serves as a means to interacting with people both far and near. With social media you can share your thoughts, opinions, feelings, and your business too! Social media would help you engage with your customers (or potential customers) and let them know what you are doing. For example, if you own a bakery where you make cakes and pastries for people, you can share photos some of your latest products, or videos of some of your happy customers. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even WhatsApp are all platforms you can make use of

3. Establish your Website

Establishing your website is the final phase in building your online presence. Although Listing your business on local directories and using social media are great ideas, you also need a home of your own on the internet, which is your Website. A Website makes it easier for your customers to know about you, contact you, get directions to your store, and so on.
Going digital for your brand has proven to yield results. All these steps are steps you can implement to take your business to a whole new level. In 2020, COVID19 has further increased the opportunities on the internet. With more people patronizing online stores than local stores, you can be sure to get more results when you make use of digital tools. However, it is important to note that you might not see results immediately as some of these thing take time to grow, but in the long run, it will be so much helpful for you and your brand.

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