The Best Video Editing Apps for Mobile Devices in 2021

The best video editing apps in 2020

Video editing is one of the heaviest tasks that a device can perform. With the improvement of smartphones over the years, you can perform high-quality video editing with your mobile device, be it social media videos, YouTube videos, commercials, TV shows or movies, you can now do a surprising amount of video editing on your phone or tablet alone. Mobile video editing apps are very useful because you can make use of them anytime and anywhere, and they tend to be a lot cheaper than desktop software.

1. Adobe Premiere Rush

Screenshot of Adobe Premiere Rush

Available on Android, iOS, Windows(PC) and macOS
Adobe Premiere Rush is a very popular video editing app. Like other Adobe apps, it is a great app which contains tons of features for videos editing. It lets you perform simple tasks like adding music, transitions, voice-overs, etc. Premiere Rush is also useful for professionals as it lets you take a content you’ve been working on in Premiere Pro, and make further tweaks on your phone or tablet. Therefore unfinished projects in Premiere Pro can be uploaded to Adobe Creative Cloud and finished in Premiere Rush.

Best for: Basic mobile video editing.

It is available on iOS, Android, Windows and macOS
Can be used on PC or mobile
It supports 4K video quality

It offers a free starter plan
Simple to use; Adobe Creative Cloud support.
The full version needs subscription
Lacks a few basic functions like the ability to rotate clips.

2. GoPro

Screenshot of GoPro App

Available for Android, iOS, Windows and macOS
GoPro is one of the most popular free video editing apps amongst iPhone and Android users. It has an intuitive interface which makes it beginner-friendly. With GoPro, you can edit and cut videos in just a few taps. With GoPro, you can also upload your photos and videos directly to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and more, or share them by text or email. The app is free and cross-platform, but it offers extra features on the GoPro Plus subscription.
Cross-platform (iOS, Android, Windows, macOS)
Easy interface
Sync songs to footage
Horizontal levelling
No 4K video support
Can’t edit templates

3. KineMaster Pro

Available for Android

KineMaster is one of my personal favourites. It is exceptional in performing various tasks. It enables you to shoot, edit and export your video footage all on your phone or tablet. With KineMaster you can easily trim video clips and layers precisely, and audio clip timing can be adjusted with sub-frame accuracy. KineMaster works well for editing stuff like YouTube videos, however, you’ll also need a subscription to export at 1080p or 4K.
4K support video support
Advanced features 
Multi-track editing
Precision control

Available for Android only

4. iMovie 

Screenshot of iMovie on App Store

Available for iOS
iMovie is an easy-to-use video editing app developed by Apple. iMovie is not the greatest apps for professionals but it suits beginner who wants to get started editing video and add titles, music, voiceovers and photos to it. Since iMovie was developed by Apple, it works well as part of “the Ecosystem”; you can save your clips to the iCloud drive or stream them to an Apple TV via AirPlay, and everything plays nicely with Apple Photos, Mail and Messages too. 
Some of its excellent features are; its ability to fix shaky videos, edit clip up close, changes audio over a video clip, user-friendly interface, customizations, built-in special effects, video enhancement features, real-time titling, stabilization, automated video editing, crop and rotate video clip, and easy sharing. This app helps in transforming your video with the new green screen effect that lets you instantly remove the background of clips shot in front of a green or blue screen, the new 80 soundtracks automatically adjusts to match the length of your movie. Class kit support lets students deliver video assignments to teachers using the Schoolwork app.
4K video support
Free for Apple users
Easy to use
Not the most feature-rich 
Not the most powerful
Not available on Android or other platforms

5. LumaFusion

Screenshot of LumaFusion

Available for iOS

This is the number one iOS application that suits professionals in video editing. Produced by the  Pinnacle Studio (another great video editing software), it is commonly used by mobile journalists, filmmakers, and video producers wanting to capture and edit video on the go.
It offers advanced tools such as insert/overwrite capability, keyframing, colour correction, full support for PAL at 25fps upon export, a fully-featured audio mixer, lossless export, support for vertical video, advanced title creation tools and slow motion/fast motion (forward and reverse).
It also allows you can export at different resolutions, qualities and framerates, as well as exporting audio and video separately.
It is important to note that LumaFusion does not allow syncing between devices, therefore all editing jobs have to be done on a particular device until you export the final video.

4K video support
Offers tons of advanced features 
No subscription needed
iOS only
No iCloud syncing

6. InShot

Screenshot of InShot on App store

Available for Android and iOS
InShot app is a comprehensive content and video editing app. It allows you to create videos, trim and merge clips, cut or delete some part of a video, and also adjust video speed. Inshot is an all-in-one HD image and video editor for iOS and Android that is more suited to creating clips for social media. It comes, for example, with pre-built canvas sizes for everything from IGTV, TikTok, Facebook, etcetera.
It is a good video editing app for creating basic videos, collages, and photo edits. InShot video editing app is simple and feature-rich. Photos and videos can be shared across social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. 
Easy to use
Fun stickers
Videos exported in free version carries watermark

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