Top 10 Apps to Learn Programming on your Smartphone

Apps to Learn Coding on your Smartphone

Technology is constantly growing and we get faster and better ways of accomplishing tasks. Coding has become a major skill in our world today. You can teach yourself coding using just your mobile phone! Here are 5 apps that will help you learn to code. With these apps, you can learn to code in various programming languages — HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and other programming languages. These apps are free for many of the courses but offer premium versions with better features.

1. SoloLearn

This app user-friendly and easy for beginners to use. It can help you learn programming languages like java, python C#, etc. SoloLearn runs on both Android and IOS devices. The tutorials on the app are easy to straightforward and learn. SoloLearn is free to use but offer premium features for monthly or yearly purchase based on whatever you choose.
However, SoloLearn might not be quite useful to advanced programmers as this app focuses majorly on beginners and intermediate learners.

Download Sololearn on Android(4.7⭐) and IOS(4.8⭐)

2. Grasshopper

Grasshopper is a mobile app developed by Google LLC. It helps you learn coding with fun exercises and quick games on your phone. This app will help you become a pro in writing real JavaScript. Grasshopper is with free to use and contains some in-app purchases.

Download Grasshopper on Android(4.6⭐) and IOS(4.8⭐).

3. Programming Hub

This app is created using research and in collaboration with Google experts and offers a perfect path to learn programming. You get to learn coding through a series of lessons and fun games. Programming Hub on both android and IOS platforms.

Download Programming on Android(4.7⭐) and IOS (4.7⭐)

4. Enki App

Enki has a unique feature that makes it helpful and fun to use. It allows you to set daily goals and it also allows you to keep track of your progress on programming. One good advantage of Enki is that it has a summary of all the concepts you have learned. Some popular courses on this app include Python, Linux, JavaScript, etc.

Download Enki App on Android(4.6⭐) and IOS(4.7⭐)

5. Programming Hero

This app offers an interactive learning experience. It aims at teaching it’s users how to make their own game and also learning to code simultaneously. The app helps makes coding fun with no stress at all. It also offers forums where users and chat other users using the programming hero app. Programming Hero is available for Android devices only.

Download Programming Hero on Android(4.8⭐) and IOS(4.9⭐)

6. Encode

This app is also suitable for mostly for beginners. It offers programming classes on Html, python CSS, and JavaScript. Encode is totally free and runs offline on your mobile devices. Encode offers fewer courses compared to SoloLearn but is a great tool to begin coding. Encode sets an exercise at the end of each lesson before progressing. This serves as a great tool for evaluation.

Download Encode on Android(4.5⭐).

7. Mimo

Mimo is a great tool to learn to program. It offers bit by bit lessons to make learning easy and simple. The app offers courses on popular programming languages like JavaScript, Java, Ruby, and others. This app allows you to learn skills on how to develop apps, games, or how to make a website and also hacking. One good thing is that when you choose your interest field it helps channel a track of learning until you achieve your goals.
However, if you already are a decent programmer and know some code, Mimo may be too basic for you.

Download Mimo Android(4.7⭐) and IOS(4.8⭐)

8. Codegym

Code Gym is a learning resource that stands out fo Java programmers because it explains in layman terms various topics of Java, that anyone can learn, practice, and master Java. All classes on this app are simple and straightforward.
One drawback is that the app doesn’t offer other coding classes except for Java.

Download Codegym on Android(4.1⭐)

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9. Codemurai

Codemurai is basic and useful to learn programming languages like HTML, CSS, Python, JavaScript, and so on. You learn programming/coding through fun and with ease. And also test your knowledge on quizzes that are offered at the end of each class.

Download Codemurai on Android(4.7⭐) and IOS(4.8⭐)

10. Easy Coder

For Java learners, this is a great tool. It provides a step by step lessons, quizzes and programming challenges that help evaluate coding skills. The lessons are easy and concise with practical examples to help clarify any difficulty.

Download Easy Coder on Android(3.8⭐) and IOS(4.7⭐)

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