How to Search Google Like a Pro

How To Search Google Like a Pro

Do you know there are certain tweaks you can add to your google search to help you find exactly what you are looking for? Google is one of the greatest digital tools we have today. Google contains a vast array of information and aims at providing the right information based on the search query inputted by the user. It does this by displaying various links to websites on that particular content. When searching google you can narrow down your search results to find the exact content you are looking for,

Search for exact phrases

If you are looking for an exact phrase or sentence from a website, use quotation marks(“”) to in your search. For example, when “Apple has an incredible journey of how it grew” is searched, google displays websites with the exact phrase.

Search Google using quotations to find phrases

Search for a particular file type

You can restrict your Google search results to a particular file type by adding ‘filetype:‘ to the end of your search. For example, if I want to search for only PDF materials on Samsung smartphones I will search Samsung smartphones filetype:pdf.

Search google using filetype:pdf

Search within a Certain site 

Use site: to search for particular content within a certain site. For example, if I want to find content relating to ‘smartwatch‘ on

Google search of smartwatch within

Search a missing word

Perhaps you want to make a search, but you do not know a particular word in the phrase use an asterisk(*). It works as a wildcard and helps you find the missing word in a phrase. For example, searching Norm of the * Family * gives search results of Norm of the North Family Vacation, a 2020 movie

Using Google wildcard in search

Search similar content
To find content related to a URL you already know, use related: to make your search.

Google search relating to
Exclude word
When making a search you can exclude a certain type of content using -word. This is useful when searching for words with different meanings. For example, searching for ‘extraction -movie‘ gives us results excluding the 2020 Extraction movie.

Google search of 'Extraction' excluding movie
Time Range
It is possible to limit your search result to a particular time frame. This is done by using two periods between the dates. For example, searching for ‘president’s speech 2016..2019′ gives a result of presidents’ speech between the year 2016 and 2019.

Search within a paricular time frame

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