Top 12 Android Creativity Apps

Modern Android devices are more powerful and useful than ever before. Digital creative can now be done quickly and efficiently on our mobile devices. High-quality designs which we would expect from a professional designer with professional design software can now be done using a mobile smartphone. 

Because of the huge range of apps on the Google Play store, which are both paid-for and free, it can be difficult to pick the right ones, which is where our list of the best Android apps for creatives comes in. We have done intensive research on the Play store to find the very best Android apps that can unleash your creativity. Here are the top 12 android apps to unleash your digital creativity today!
  1. Adobe Illustrator Draw
    Adobe Illustrator Design

    Price: Free/ paid for premium benefits
    Developer: Adobe
    Benefits-Familiar to Illustrator users
    -Adobe Illustrator’s best features in an Android app.
    -Plenty of useful features
    -Integrates with desktop apps for CC users
    -Synchronizes perfectly with illustrator and photoshop
    Download Adobe Illustrator Draw

  2. Sketchbook

    Sketchbook Design

    Price: Free | Developer: Autodesk
    -Natural drawing experience-170 customisable brushes

    -Switchable predictive stroke
    Download Sketchbook – Draw and paint

  3. Adobe Photoshop Mix

    Adobe Photoshop mix

    Price: Free
    Developer: Adobe
    -Very easy to use-An easy-to-use photo editing Android app from Adobe.
    -Live-syncs with Photoshop CC

    Download Adobe Photoshop mix

  4. Canva

    Canva website
    Price: Free/ paid for premium benefits. Canva Free, Canva Pro: $11.30/mth, Canva Enterprise: $30.16/mth
    Developer: Canva
    -Offers full design suite features
    -Intuitive interface-Has a huge library of templates, icons, photos and fonts
    -More of a full graphic design suite than a cut-down photo editor
    -Can be used to create everything from logos to web mockups
    Canva’s design app recently made the jump to Android. 
    Download Canva
  5. Infinite Design
    Infinite Design

    Price: Free
    Developer: Infinite Studio Mobile
    This SVG vector graphics app includes great 3D design tools.
    Infinite canvasCreate 3D images with perspective tools
    It is now a real alternative to Adobe’s dominant Illustrator Draw. 
    Download Infinite Design

  6. Adobe Photoshop Sketch
    Adobe Photoshop Sketch

    Price: Free
    Developer: Adobe
    Adobe’s sketching app for Android is ideal for Adobe Creative Cloud users.
    Turn any photo into a brush
    Download Adobe Photoshop Sketch

  7. Adobe Comp CC

    Price: Free
    Developer: Adobe
    BenefitsThe Android app is ideal for mockups and wireframes.
    Turns sketches into crisp mockups
    Great for sketching on the fly
    Integrates with Adobe suite
    Download Adobe Comp CC

  8. ibis Paint X
    ibis Paint X

    Price: From free
    Developer: ibis mobile inc.
    It offers a lot of features
    It has good  forums and an interactive community
    It is a popular drawing app for Android
    Download ibis Paint X

  9. Adobe Spark Post: Poster & Graphic Design Editor
    Adobe Spark Post

    Price: Free/ paid for premium benefits
    Developer: Adobe
    BenefitsBuilt for poster design
    Easy to use/User friendly
    Well designed
    Download Adobe Spark Post: Poster & Graphic Design Editor

  10. AutoCAD – DWG Viewer and Editor
    Auto CAD

    Price: Free/ Paid for premium benefits
    Developer: Autodesk
    Top Android app for CAD pros.
    Views and edit 2D and 2D DWG files
    Free trial available
    Smooth, intuitive interface
    Download AutoCAD DWG Viewer and Editor

  11. Sketcher Free

    Sketcher free

    Price: Free
    Developer: Valentin Mayamsin
    A simple sketching Android app with a great UI.
    Excellent tool picker
    Highly responsive drawing engine
    Additional features in Sketcher Pro
    Download Sketcher Free
  12. Adobe Capture CC
    Adobe Capture CC

    Price: Free
    Developer: Adobe
    Turns sketches or photos into vectors, brushes or shapes with this Android app.
    Uses AI to suggest similar fonts
    Create geometric patterns based on my image
    Syncs with CC (creative cloud)
    Download Adobe Capture CC

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