12 tips to maintain your smartphone battery

As our smartphones become better with a lot of functionalities, our phone batteries have a lot more load to handle than before, and so it seems like our phone batteries are getting weaker, but the reverse is the case. We also tend to use a particular smartphone for longer periods than before because we now spend more on them, so it is much difficult to buy a new one each time tech companies throw a new one at us. Unfortunately, this works against us because the kind of batteries in our mobile phones are Lithium-ion cells, and they degrade over time due to chemical reactions in them. Smartphone companies really put so much efforts to increase our battery quality but deliberate actions must be taken by users to maintain the battery life of a phone. Here12 Tips to maintain your phone’s battery life.

Smartphone battery

  1. Avoid live wallpaper and other visual effects. Although they look cool, they’re actually bad for your phone because your phone uses more energy to display those motion graphics than just a static image. If you want your battery to last longer, choose a simple background image, preferably plain black.
  2. Avoid keeping too many apps on your phone. You will do yourself a favour by cutting down the number of apps on your phone. A great way to cut down is to delete the apps that serve the same purpose or ones you haven’t opened for a month or longer. Also, most third-party utility apps like antiviruses, cleaners, fast-charging apps, and all are not needed because smartphones already have provisions for that. Most third-party utility apps on your phone end up just slowing down your phone, draining your battery and showing you irrelevant adds.
  3. Do not use a bright screen always. The brighter your screen is, the more battery power is used. You can either choose the Auto mode for that feature or change it manually to gain more battery life. Besides, a dimmer screen will save your eyes from strain and dryness.
  4. Do not drain or charge the battery completely. Your phone battery doesn’t like extremes. Waiting to charge the gadget when it turns off is a bad idea. The same goes for charging the phone all the way up to 100%. doing these will in shorten your battery’s life span. It’s best to keep the battery between 40 – 80%.
  5. Reduce the length of your screen timeout. By default, most smartphones have a screen timeout time of 1 to 2 minutes. You will do yourself some good to reduce your screen timeout to the least you can. Though the difference might just be some seconds, it is a whole lot of time because it occurs over and over again.
  6. Restrict some apps from sending notifications. Of course, alerts from some apps might be important to you, but do you need every app to notify you on every single thing?  Almost every app wants to notify you of everything, and this also makes your phone screen come on often. Though it might seem little, over time it hits your battery really hard. You can always restrict push notifications in the Settings and turn off any unnecessary notifications.
  7. Use only the charger recommended by the manufacturer. Official chargers have many safety settings like controlling the amount of current delivered to the battery. Too much or less than required current delivered to a battery leads to its degradation. So, if you lost the charger that goes with your device, make sure your replacement is approved by the phone’s manufacturer.
  8. Bluetooth is always on. On most devices, Bluetooth is on by default even if you don’t use it much. So if you don’t, just turn it off! Your phone battery has to work harder if Bluetooth is on since this feature requires power to constantly search for other devices. Most phones let you control Bluetooth from the Quick Settings menu.
  9. Avoid using phone while it’s charging. Any device needs a break from work once in a while – your phone included. It is advisable to let your smartphone rest while it’s plugged in.
  10. Dark mode helps to save some power. Some apps let you choose a black background instead of the standard, usually a bright one. Dark mode has been proven to save more battery than the usual light mode since black pixels use less power. Making that switch will have an impactful battery-saving effect 
  11. Restrict your phone from vibrating always. You don’t need your gadget to vibrate if it’s ringing. Why make it do twice the work? Also, you can save a bit of battery power by turning off that little vibe your phone gives off every time you press virtual keys. Furthermore, you can reduce the length and number of vibrations your phone makes. You will agree that your phone doesn’t have to vibrate for every WhatsApp notification (especially groups).
  12. Restrict some from apps tracking your location. There are apps (like maps and taxi services) that really need to know where you are to work properly. But many others also want to do this to have more accurate data to show you personalized ads. In your app settings, you can block any app from using your location. This way, you’ll help your battery work less and solve privacy issues as well.

Do you love your smartphone battery? You can start practising these simple tips today?

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